Here you can find all the material you will need for the workshop!

All of the interactive notebooks contain the same information and algorithms, we recommend choosing a programming language for the duration of the whole workshop.

For detailed installation instructions, required packages, introductory programming tutorials, and language-specific materials for the laboratory on epidemic outbreaks, please select your preferred language below:

Python     Matlab     Rscript

The two papers that will be discussed during the Journal club are:

  1. Gostic, Katelyn M, Lauren McGough, Edward B Baskerville, Sam Abbott, Keya Joshi, Christine Tedijanto, Rebecca Kahn, et al. 2020. “Practical Considerations for Measuring the Effective Reproductive Number, Rt.” PLOS Computational Biology 16 (12): e1008409.
  2. Lavine, Jennie S, Ottar N Bjornstad, and Rustom Antia. 2021. “Immunological Characteristics Govern the Transition of COVID-19 to Endemicity.” Science 371 (6530): 741 LP – 745.